Haunted Places in Malaysia

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Ever been to anywhere in Malaysia and experienced paranormal hauntings? Curious to know where are the places that you can visit to experience one yourself? The below are lists of Malaysia’s top haunted places that you can, may or even experience ghosts.

  1. Georgetown, Penang – A T-junction better known as The Deadly Junction is located beside the Union High School. It is said that if you ever drive through this lonely road late at night, your care will go out of control and crash due to the too many accidents that happened there. It is also said that there is a tiny unknown tree beside the road which looks like a lady carrying a child. The story was known by some old folks saying that this lady was once a bomoh (witch doctor) who kidnapped her sister’s son. Somehow, they never again appeared anywhere except other than being seen beside this road
  2. St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh – A group of Catholics missionaries arrived here in 1912 and began building a school next to the famous Kinta River. It did not take long for the missionary brothers who ran the school to have enough funds to erect a huge school building with unique French structural design. When the WW2 broke out, the school was used bu Japanese secret police as their headquarters. Needless to say, there were lots of torturing carried out. The buidling itself had many tunnels which had been sealed off and the tunnels were said to be used by the Japanese to torture prisoners and to store food. Most of the sightings occurs in the Chapel on the fourth floor of the bluiding where a Brother was seen dressed in a black robe holding praying beands in a sitting position facing towards the door (which leads to the brothers quarters) in the very early morning without a head. Those who had witnessed it were asked to keep it a secret
  3. Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Kuala Kangsar, Perak – This school is said to be a former site of Japanese occupation camp during WW2. Students would sometimes be awakened by something that stares down directly at them. A marching platoon can be heard in the field and sounds of dragging chains can be heard through the campus corridors. A tree on the campus, which is located right beside a lampost where the light shines down on it, reflects a shadow of a man hanging from the tree! A few other old colonial admin buildings that were used by the Japanese during the Occupation in the 1940s where executions are taken place are buildings like Victoria Institution and Bukit Bintang Girls School
  4. MARA Junior Science College, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor – A white flying apparition can be seen in various parts of the building
  5. Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur – A boys school was tured into a Japanese base during the Occupation. Many British soldiers and locals were brutally tortured to death in the basement and some older buildings on the campus. It is said that not only are apparitions common in the day as well as in the night, there had also been many cases of spirits possessing students. The possessed boys would behave strangely and even violently harming other students and teachers, forcing the stronger teachers and students to restrain him. The possesed boy would only snap out of it a few hours later and remembering nothing
  6. Tambun, Ipoh, Perak – Singtings of an old lady on the roadside while driving
  7. Tambun Inn, Ipoh, Perak – Lights were reported to turn on and off by itself and sounds of whispering could be heard where no one was around
  8. Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur – A spooky place to be even when it is actually one of the most elite residential areas in Kuala Lumpur. This place with its many big and tall trees and very winding roads, has an eerie feeling about it even at broad daylight. It is said that a few years ago two youth embarked on a high speed motorcycle chase around the curvy roads of the area. One of the youth crashed at a dark stretch of the road, which is actually a very sharp corner. There have been claims about sightings of a young man riding a motorcycle at high speed, who mysteriously vanished in the dark
  9. Poliklinik Cheras, Kuala Lumpur – Used to be a government hospital but it is being abandoned with no reason. There were rumors that say there are still some dead patients that loiters around the area
  10. Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang – A famous hill top resort and casino, many people incurred gambling debts and committed suicide there. Some visitors leaving the hotel lobby reported seeing a man in red jump from the rooftop, just to disappear before he hits the ground. Certain rooms are not available for rent no matter how full the hotel was. Those who have seen the inside reported that it was filled with old Chinese ghost wards. They would subsequently fall sick for days afterwards
  11. Highland Towers, Kuala Lumpur – A tragic event where one of the 3 blocks of apartment at this place fell apart due to landslide and heavy downpour prior to that fateful day. Since then, the Highland Towers have become famous for claims of being a very haunted place. Voices of the dead can be heard at night and ghostly figures are said to have appeared at the scene. There are also a story about a taxi driver who picked up a woman passenger at the middle of the night and being asked to drop her at the place.She left a bag and the poor taxi driver found it to be full of blood!
  12. Police Station in Tras, Pahang – During the 1950’s, a police corporal and his wife were found in a state of shock and terror after opening their door to an unknown figure. Many police personnel were terrorized by this entity that other policemen would rather resign than being transferred to this remote station
  13. Kellies Castle, Perak -Sometimes door are opened themselves and lots of scary screaming voices can be heard.
  14. Puchong House, Kuala Lumpur – Evil drawings on the walls. Some say the ghost of a woman who used to stay there haunts the place. Other than that, just stepping into the house is enough to keep you awake for months.
  15. S.K (1) Kuala Ampang, Selangor – Could hear taps in the toilet running by itself and sightings of a lady in white walking behind the school compound.

Source : http://theshadowlands.net/places/malaysia.htm

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110 Responses to “Haunted Places in Malaysia”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Let me add few more…

    Penang Air Itam rounabout, a memorial statue over there, many was killed n burried during world war 2 by Japanese.

    Penang Chung Ling Highschool, the football field infront of the school, many was killed n burried during world was 2 by Japanese too. Many heard got soldiers marching during midnight.

    Kuala Lumpur Jalan Parliament, next to Lake Garden, got a story a woman carrying a baby crossed the road and knocked down to death. Many still saw that woman with the baby at midnight.

    Penang Bridge, got many types of the ‘things’. Many people advice not to look at back mirror if u driving alone.

    Old raod at Gurun near Perwaja Steel factory, do not speeding during midnight, a mystery ‘volks wagon’ will chase u up and will make u crash. Some saw it’s like a paper car (for chinese believe to burn for death people).

    Got many more… but I forgot the location name…

  2. adam Says:

    where is the puchong house?

  3. Elle Says:

    ZOMG kuala ampang!! my school @_@ the lady in white is soooo true!! my ex classmates saw it. 2003 i think. ROFL@____________@ the night guards before should know. he got freaked out n took the morning shift instead of night.

  4. Vml Says:

    Trust me!
    Highland Towers is really Haunted places, juz go there after 11PM, Really cool…

  5. ?????? Says:

    Vml,oh please….Don’t disturb the dead or accuse them…
    I did an EFI(Entity Force Indicator)check at 12 AM and nothing.All are bunch of craps..Please..I respect the dead.Not tell some bullshit piece of crap!

  6. Malaysian Says:

    I oso heard tat highland towers are haunted. Even i did not gone to the site n survey it but i think there are some possibilities tat d place is haunted.Due to the collapsed, the authority cant get the bodies out properly and dey jus clean it up by taking away the building materials (e.g. damaged concrete) and discard it. It also contains some human’s body parts wic was badly damaged in tat tragedy. Spirit wil loiter at the place wer it became corpse till v did a proper funeral.

  7. caterpillar Says:

    The Highland Towers? I used to live near there. It’s actually walking distance from my house! Well, I have not exactly seen any ‘ghost’ around that area(I’ve lived around there for 10 years) but we get electricity cuts often. I don’t know when they are going to knock them down.

  8. Deadman Says:

    A corner shop house lot in Ipoh, Perak. Decades ago, believed to have a pregnant lady killed by a drunk lorry driver at night while she was waiting for a bus. People who stayed in there sleep on the third floor but can end up in second floor the next morning.

    Previously there were a lot of people who tried to start restaurant, hardware, shoe, textile, etc business there but all failed and for a long period the shop house was vacant for a number of years until a couple of years back.

  9. erinptr Says:

    how come you guys din hear anything about the lady who was murderedin bukit tunku? u know the one whom got mudered by her boyfren who is a doctor? Went and chopped her into pieces, god knows, 8 piece? Rumored has it that her spirit still wanders around her house which has been left empty for so many years….!

  10. wanting to know Says:

    people said that sjk(c)lai meng ampang near to klcc and near zouk was a hospital in ww1 and ww2

  11. lee Says:

    Penang bridge – my friend and i were driving back to kl late at night. saw a woman in the middle of the bridge, almost towards the end. as i looked she suddenly turned to a big black and ugly apparition and i quickly looked away. when we got back we talked about it. i saw her as a tudung malay lady. he saw her as a chinese lady. but in both cases turned ugly.

    we knew it was something spooky because there are no cars broken down, no buildings there, why would anyone cross the bridge in the middle of the nite like that…

  12. Supernaturally KL « Seademon’s Weblog Says:

    […] Hills is quite a haunted place. While Spooky Corner reported on a ghost riding a motorcycle frequenting that area, I remember a friend who was involved […]

  13. M.R WET PANTS Says:

    Here is an interesting place for all u ghost adventures try goin to the sepang old chinese cemetary at midnight urban legend has it there is some ghost who has not left the grounds for decades and still finding their way home or their love ones Take my challenge : TRY PLAYING WITH YUR CAMERA PHONES AND JUST SIMPLY TAKE PICTURES AT THE CEMETARY YOU WILL A SURPRISE FROM AN OLD MAN IN A TUXEDO) Dare number 2:look for a tombstone named guan ming a man who was brutaly murdered in the late 1940s roams the cemetary at night look for any1 who has a clue on his murderer care to try talking to him it will leave yur head ringin for a year trust me i saw him for with my own eys and i have done some rescreach on it so take a time and visit the old chinese cemetary at sepang OH AND THE REST WHO WANTS TO BE EXTREAM CARE TO CAMP OUT IN THE CEMETARY?

  14. raydenleo Says:

    gosh…why would u play around in the cemetry?

  15. ChineseBoy Says:

    Lol. Camping in a cemetery? Man. You lose everything yo. Your guts, your balls, your soul, your virginity, your life….. Damn man.. But I believe what you guys say:P I have my fair share of tales as well:P

  16. ImranS Says:

    Hantu Jepun – this might be out of topic but apparently there are Hantu Jepun (Japanese ghost) around some parts of Malaysia. they apparently wear their old army attire and carry their samurai swords. they are often seen marching together and some are headless (the old Japanese punishment method i suppose). is there any truth in the Hantu Jepun? has anyone actually seen them, or know anything more about them? im a bit of a history buff so i was fascinated to find out about these ghosts.

  17. Ghost Researcher Says:

    There is a house off Jalan 17/21, PJ which is haunted. My wife and I both saw ghosts there years ago and the people who own the house also confirm the hauntings. As far as we know there are 3 ghosts: (1) An old lady (not solid) who sometimes appears in the late afternoon, presumably an ancestor of the family; (2) A faint glowing outline of a person who is sometimes sitting on the toilet or gliding near the toilet – usually seen after midnight; (3) The ghost of an old man with empty eye sockets who appears to first time visitors sleeping in the guest bedroom; (4) One of the other bedrooms has an old wardrobe with a full length mirror. One certain days in the afternoon, when you look into the mirror, you do not see your reflection but a view of another time and place – an interior of a colonial bungalow. There is also ghostly laughter in the same room, usually when there are young people in the room; and (5) Dogs are always afraid when they enter the house. Even the house dog would not leave his master’s bedroom at night. Whenever a ghost is sighted, the house dog would be all panicky and sometimes even urinate on the spot!

  18. Ghost Interester Says:

    To all Ghost Buster / Hunter, pls try to get some info about ghost at Menara TM and a building besides it Menara Cygal/TM Annexe

  19. KC Says:

    One place to add from my personal experience- the winding road beside UPM Fakulti Penternakan, I was passing there one night near 12 midnight and saw a person walking down the long winding road in the middle of nowhere, and no street lamps. When my friend look at the rear mirror after we pass the person, he saw no one.

  20. acap Says:

    victoria institution? lived there for 5 years and saw nothing, so unlucky. saw a dead body hanging behind the school wall once, 2004 i think…

  21. leeya_ Says:

    i’ve heard the menara tm story.one of my fren worked there,she said what floor i forgot already.but she said the ghost played with the photostate machine.that’s all…

  22. Wayne Says:


    a)The place only has one mirror, a huge one, I saw it, it was infront of the pejabat…. the students told me mirrors were removed some time ago…

    b)One of the students there committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree many years ago, since then many illusions of him appeared, so the trees were cut down 2 years ago..

    c)A student saw a headless japanese soldier marching on the field

    d)The hostel where people are living in now.. below it was supposed to be a cemetery…

    e)There was this wall (I saw it) he told me last time was green in colour (now it’s very whitish and blackish) last time japs hang them there and used bodies as targets for shooting…

    by the way, I’m not too sure about the long list above, all I’m sure is about VICTORIA tho, cuz I visited the place yesterday

  23. arveent Says:

    dude,about victoria….the minute I entered there,I felt an odd sensation.but,I did see many trees but u r right about the mirror thing.

  24. LaiMengExStudent Says:

    wanting to know Says:

    October 11th, 2008 at 3:14 pm
    people said that sjk(c)lai meng ampang near to klcc and near zouk was a hospital in ww1 and ww2

    I am an Ex-Student there From Std1-6(2001-2006)
    never saw or hear anything spooky there..everything is fine there..eventhough there is a “HOT SPOT” for ww1 and ww2 and others events
    got to say..i miss there..haha

  25. Little Miss NiGHtMaRe Says:

    It is believed that dogs can see ‘things’
    Try this (@ night of course):
    1) if u have a dog, collect some dirt from its eyes
    2) if u don’t have, borrow from ppl lah!
    3) wipe the dirt on ur eyebrows
    It is said that u r able 2 see the ‘things’ dogs see, that’s y they howl @ night… :)

  26. skydrake Says:

    sk kuala ampang was my old school also, i slept there overnight b4.. i c nothing and hear nothing when i walk ard with frens..
    highland tower uh? the most scariest things is not what u cant c.. is what u can c.. bunch of drug adict inside there with long hairs tat holding a white candle with backlight shadow on the walls.
    cemetry at 1-2am?? this is best place to sit n talk when u a bored.. such a relaxing place.

    i was looking for haunted places to take photo (must b KL or PJ area) coz not much time to travel.. pls feel free to add me in facebook or email me whg3507@hotmail.com

  27. siralexwongdog Says:

    @Deadman; are you talking about the junction between Jln Pasir Puteh and Jln Tokong there where there’s a chinese ancient temple alike monument on top of the building?

  28. SatanMother Says:

    I went to Bukit Tunku, my friend and i walked in 3 abandon houses nothing really happened….but we saw shadows going past us and we even got a pic….in the pic there was a black thing that lookes like a person that was behind us….we got a feeling that thing followed us when we went in the house.

    Anyone should check it out you shoul go at 12am to 4am…that is what we did.

  29. Mr Nakula Says:

    Could anybody share, which house that is haunted in Bkt Tunku..? I went one house at Jln Girdle b4.. But not see anything..

  30. ice t Says:

    hi everybody…i m producer seekers….i would like to find a hunted place and extreme story to be seek the truth of any true story about that area if there is a ghost.also my team offer for help if anybody think that need a help.anybody can suggest a place much better if the location like and old building looking old and its big have a lot of room…or anywhere that all my dear fellow suggest to me…

    thank u

  31. ice t Says:

    sorry forgot to add my contact if u all have any info just email me :
    attn : producer seekers….

    i really want to find the place that anybody thing that is the ghost there…more interesting if that place a big and have a lot of room….to be search

  32. raihana Says:

    an empty house used been called as FRENZY HOUSE…Near the national zoo…. very spooky~~ last time i went.. it has been populated with drug addicts..

  33. dani Says:

    really scary……………………………hahahahahahahah

  34. arnel naca Says:

    i was assigned to smds in malaysia(bintulu )and the place i stay was really upbeat.it has everything that we need,and then some.i chose to occupy one of the rooms alone because i sleep lightly.on my first day there, i experience this weird whisperings in my ear which i thought was just the aircon.it persisted for quite some time.what surprised me was my bottle of mineral water on top of my drawer being squeezed like someone picking it up.every night man,i watch in amazement.its not atmospheric pressure,i work with those things in the refineries.the last straw was this guitar playing by itself.i did not feel afraid a bit, just amazed.it is true,there are things in this world we do not know about.the room i occupied according to the landlord,used to be the childrens bedroom.

  35. try2help Says:

    i been after these shit two years… and believe me, there is some common things that u can bring along to prevent being attack or disturb by these things… salt, is the most effective things on those asshole. like asid…it’ll make spirits and ghost dissappear instantly. laugh at me if u want… just try…when u encountered them. just avoid in direct contact with them… in avoid of any possession…

  36. try2help Says:

    if some1 think i can use some help plz contact me at likuliku89@yahoo.com.my

  37. try2help Says:

    if i am not wrong, at least one commit suicide at peneng bridge in a year or two…. i heard it from one of my frens….

  38. john91 Says:

    u wanna see ghost ah?? go to parlimen building in the middle of the day…all those people inside ah..all ghost one..

  39. Navinesh Says:

    is it salt the way ?? its like onions againts vampires !!

  40. Jyiou Says:

    Hey, i heard Karak Highway haunted, true or nt? And…er, wat’s d best way to protect oneself when entering these haunted places?

  41. calcilis Says:

    a school near my home in kota bharu is has a haunted toilet
    school nmae is smk chung cheng
    when male student(boys restroom mah) keep seeing some kind of white figure
    news spread around the school like wild fire
    well the principal try to debunk the ghost myth and went into the toilet ALONE!
    and guess wat after that the toilet door is chained UP!!
    is heard the principal saw it and got freak out
    also some rumoured saw strange light from the tiny window of the toilet sometimes
    lol scary!!

  42. Hema Says:

    Im so interested in paranormal activities.. Pls inform me if thers any haunted places in penang.. thx a lot… my email add is hems_sims76@hotmail.com

  43. ice T2 Says:

    last week(friday night), i went to KKB (kuala kubu baru) around 12am… looking for some nice spooky place around there… yeah we got three nice old bungalows…we spend a few hours there. at one of the big bungalow (two storey) you know what, we heards things and noticed a white figure with a long hair (you all know right?) standing at upstair window staring at us. hmm quite an experience…

    yeah actually we in Seekers (ntv7) looking for a nice big colonial, spooky places far from people, tragic places where we can communicate with the dead (yeah, we have the experts)..would like to some info on any of those places.

    last two year we went to ipoh, you know what…there’s a house located in the centre of ipoh…and nobody know about the tragic story where a family of 4 murdered (according to local police there)…we did some check up and get our expert (the psychic) to communicate. Later discribe about the story in there. There’s 2 daughters with husband and wife…all murdered and its happen in early 70s. (later confirmed by the police)And one of the daughter (the spirit) hug the psyschic(he felt it)…there was a sad moment, ..and also we found one room sealed with a brick….well that’s my story.

    Last two week, i went there and my friend there told that house was demolished by relatives right after that episode goes on air

  44. Shuu Says:

    heard a road near Gua Musang also haunted. scary…..anyone know this road?

  45. Joshua Says:

    i heard a lot of this things and i’ve been to most of the places but the only place i can’t find is Cheras Hospital . If u knw where that place is please let me knw.

  46. Lynn Goh Says:

    wow, now we have NTV7 crew searching for real stuff in this spookycorner. Good work, icequeen and the team. Thanks for the good website.

  47. Navinesh Says:

    we can see all this stuff..try goin in village areas..villagers keep and feed this “things”

  48. Cheeky Munky Says:

    The Cheras Poliklinik is situated behind the BHP petrol station after Taman Midah in Cheras. There is a slip road that you have to drive in, approximately 100 metres before you reach the hospital compound. The last time I visited the place, there was a particular part of the building that has a lighted fluorescent lamp. No idea if the place is still around or not. Btw, Cheras Poliklinik is better known as Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia now. It is not abandoned for no reason, they just shifted to another bigger premise with better facilities.

    Puchong house is located on top of a hill behind another BHP petrol station. The petrol station is located between the road fr Old Klang Road heading towards Puchong IOI Mall. Can’t remember how to get to the road leading to the house. If you pass by the petrol station during the day, you will be able to see the house, hidden behind trees up on the hill. During night time, the house is practically invisible. My advice is, survey the road leading to the house during the day then go back and visit at night.

  49. bond Says:

    if u hv any info about hunted places in kedah..pls inform me here..:)

  50. Aproxyte Says:

    Cheeky Munky,

    Tq for lettin us know about the Puchong haunted area, in fact the surrounding area over there is quite haunted. I live in Puchong and I can safely vouch that some of the areas here are ‘UNCLEAN’.

  51. Mysty Says:

    Hey, i used to study in a primary school in KL (Kuala Lumpur). There was once there, at the third floor girl’s toliet, my friend went inside there alone and i heard her talking to someone, but i don’t know who. When she went out she said she talked to a ghost. Then my other friend (call her G), tried to make contact with the ghost, instead, she came running out screaming. O.O

    My friends G,J (the one who suceeded in making contact with the ghost) and C said that i’m like some sort of thing that avoids ghosts to meet with me. O.O

    You gotta check out that primary school, SJK (C) Salak South, Kuala Lumpur. The first and third level girl’s toilet, the big tree beside the science lab, the empty space beside the school. If you can, check out the two eerie trees, it’s branches stretch towards each other, and the tree’s location is right at the end of the short staircase which leads to the field.

    Some say that before the school was built, it was a hospital. And before the hospital was built, it was a cemetery. Somehow the structure of the school resembles and hospital. Why don’t you check it out? It’s still open for students to study since none of the teacher’s there believed it.

    At my house, vantage point, it’s very eerie.. you can hear baby cries at midnight when none of your neighbours have babies. You can even hear footsteps in the lift when the lift doors open at a random level and noone is there. Then, right at the end of each stairway is a wide window, sometimes, you can see someone standing there when both the levels at empty at midnight.

    E-mail me if you have any paranormal stories to tell. I’m all ears.

  52. Sheila Mona Says:

    man, i love this website !
    I never knew about this website before and know how i’m glad that we have such a website like this !
    Am a scaredy cat but yet i lovee horror stories …
    haha !
    well , keep on you guys good works and don’t stop posting all the freaking spooky stories to spooked others !

  53. dare devil Says:

    highland tower is SO NOT HAUNTED. i went ther 5 times at 2am -4 am went up to level 10 sat at the corner. brought food for the ghosts and nothing appeared. when there with my firends. waited for 2 hours 5 times we went nothing came. not even sounds we heard nor any scary feeling.

    it was just plain stupid place. who said they saw ghost are liars. at highland tower i mean

  54. ghostly gal Says:

    well im so happy to come across this site…. im realy veri interested in this spooky things…

    Dare devil…. u cant wait for them…. they will appear whenever they want

  55. club11sam Says:

    Dare devil~~u been to highland tower 5 times~u even bought food for the ghost~~but did u or ur frends bring talismen go together????~~some entity doesnt like talismen..u and frend go again tower without the talismen and bring a girl frend go together~girls easy to actract ghost~~feel free to try again if u dare~~ :)

  56. Ken Says:

    Ahh! I went to highland tower yesterday, me and my friends walked up to the highest floor but we don’t see anything T_T

  57. maggie Says:

    im so so happy to come across this website .
    now i know which part of malaysia i should be more sensible :]

  58. nobody Says:

    Puchong House? it is BHP near Taman Tenaga that ur referring to? cz i’d used to stay at Kinrara for some times and had used tht road quite often especially at nite…but thank God i saw nothing scary…i did somehow realized there was a house at the top of the hill and u can see a little road leading to the house…im not sure if i saw a house at nite cz i nvr looked at it…whn i wanted to go home,the house would be at my right side which is acrosed the street so i nvr looked at it…but im nt planning to go there at nite since the fact tht i’ve read the spooky things there!

  59. papabosan Says:

    Puchong house….. rumah itu berada di taman tenaga, puchong.kalau anda dari kem kinrara menghala ke 101 mall puchong,rumah itu terletak diatas bukit dan dilindungi oleh stesen minyak BHP disebelah kiri jalan . Dari cerita yg saya dengar,pernah terjadi pembunuhan didalam rumah itu . Dan ada penduduk2 taman itu pernah terjumpa pocong dan perempuan cantik berdekatan rumah itu diwaktu malam .

  60. Rash Says:

    Hey anybody heard Of Malacca High School as a Japanese site ?its the second oldest school in Malaysia 1826 to be exact.. n i had a fair share of stories as an ex MHS boy..

  61. lee Says:

    There’s a hospital in Shah Alam (I forgot the name) that is SUPER CREEPY.

    My parents work there and I had to visit them sometime at night. The minute I stepped into the elevator, chills ran up my arms. And for some reason the elevator stopped at a floor that was completely dark, I couldn’t see a thing. I just started praying when the temperature dropped.

    I never ever want to set foot in that hospital ever again. Thank God my parents stopped working there.

  62. andrew Says:

    I went to highland towers jz a while ago…went up to 5 floors in both the towers but unfortunately nuthin to be seen or heard…but my friends had encountered a few there…and there’s actually a abandoned house beside it said to be haunted…this house looks creepy frm the outside…we went in but never see anything…but i heard the house used to belong to a doctor who had killed his own family and kids and killed himself too as he couldnt stand the tortures of paranormal things…it is said that sometimes his Mercedez Benz car will be parked there in his house at nite and will vanish in the morning…no one has seen anyone driving that car there or waited to see hw the car comes there…but it happened several times…kinda spooky…bt too bad i never seen anything although went thr 2 trips…

  63. ABd Says:

    When I stay at UKM dormitory near Aminudin Baki. I always heard some man singing the same song over and over and over 12midnight~4AM, it sounded like someone doing Karaoke, but it always sounds the same.
    After the 3rd night, I got disturbed so much when I heard the song start over again, I commanded the voice to stop using the nama Isa Al-Masih. Then the song stopped, andthere was no more noise after than night.
    Later I found out it was school holiday during that time, and there is no man’s dormitory nearby. Also school policy is to be silent after 10PM. I still don’t know what it was, students at UKM says there are a lot of orange bunny and huntu around there. Oh, well whatever it was, they need to obey Al-Masih

  64. Pepekz Busukz Says:

    salam satu malaysia….sebenaarrnyeeeee……hantu ni is everywhere..try going to pantai hill park…around phase 3 on the 16th floor…it is reported that there were sightings of a white big foot like creature loitering around that floor…this creature is said to be a bacon freak n is often accompanied by a fat black ugly penguin like creature and also carries a bb…this is not a joke….its true….residents on that particular floor have been warned by the management of these creatures existence….residents have offered all kinds of food but the spirits of these creatures still loiter around…thank u…producer seekers…pls look in to this place….AIMAN TAK KISSAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. marwin8mbb Says:

    There’s a haunted toliet in Genting Highland. I won’t go there anymore. Once I was thinking to piss, I go to the toliet, and I saw the toliet was full. I have to wait. And then, one of toliet door opens but nobody came out, I look inside, nobody was there.
    Remember, when you go genting highland, watch out to every toliet.

  66. Lynn Goh Says:

    Errr..this is scary, especially the genting toilet.

  67. barreneye Says:

    errr…hmmm ….

  68. barreneye Says:

    i wonder if that poliklinik cheras still existed ..I used to study in MPIK,not far from there.I never been to the clinic ..just happened to pass by when i took a short-cut to Taman Midah ..yes,even by a glance,i cnt believe it’s a clinic.It looks so eerie that i think if i had a fever,my fever would either abruptly disappear or getting 99x worst just to step into that place.it’s a perfect setting for clinic / medical institution ghost movie.jz a lil’ touch-up will do the prop location…the sombre and haunting vibes r so naturally filling in the sphere,u’d feel glad u never happened to b there,warded.ThnkGod!!!

  69. Madmosielle Unknown Says:


    P.S : I was once brushing my teeth in my bathroom at 6.30 in the morning, and I saw a woman in
    a red cape with black dots and blonde hair tied in a bun come into my bedroom door. I looked
    outside and asked ” Who’s there?” and got toothpaste all over the floor…and I forgot to wipe it.

  70. Kerry Says:

    Hi, I have an experience of looking out from my apartment in Shah Alam, late at night and saw the playground running by its own…the see-saw was moving up and down and the swing is swinging gracefully…note that the wind may blow the swing but not to terribly high speed and no way that the wind can blow the see-saw up and down non-stop…after that, I went back to sleep and when I awake in the next morning, I am undressed but with my shorts still on….

  71. lola Says:

    @kerry so whats ur point the next morning u undressed?

  72. Harveena Says:

    hey guys…
    all those above there r damn creepy…
    and i juz wonder that some one can give me an answer for my question..
    juz now im in my class listening to lecture while takig notes,
    in a sudden i felt a terrible irritation in my face,
    and i took my mirror to check it out, i realised its a cut…
    and i didint even bring my hands near to ma face at all…
    its a quite a big cut in my cheeks…

    can u guys help me out n tell me waht it could be.. really will appreciate it.
    thanx ppl… =)

  73. Cathyrine Says:

    cool… im addicted to these spooky stuff y’all sharing here… n i’ve been to genting last week, heard a lot of haunted stories about ria apartments.. which i blieve is true because a lot of suicide n murder case happened there.. din stay there though… heehee

  74. bebeh Says:

    hey kerry..wat was the name of the apartment in Shah Alam?? bcos it happened to b my experience also..i came back late dat nite but encounter nothing at d playground bcos it quite a distance from my house at Level 5. nothing happened at nite but in d morning i am undressed but wit my short still on..same as ur situation..and my body feel really heavy to wake up dat morning..

  75. Rajoo Says:

    Puchong Putra Impiana. Corner house next 2 TNB. 12 am u will see an old man half body loitering at the car porch. OMG…

  76. XD Says:

    my school & ostel in JB got so many story
    1 story that a student could see Sultan Abu Bakar riding horse in the school

  77. Josh Says:

    I went for the night tour of the War Museum in Penang..I never encountered any ghostly apparitions before this, except one time when i felt something was against my chest,also in penang. back to this war museum, i was going about the tour at night when at one point i peek inside the malay regiment squatters and saw a long messy black haired with black face popping right into my face,i was stunned cause it happen right in my eyes,only thing seperating “it” and me was the steel of bars..after that night,i went back to my hotel room, i can’t sleep the whole night because of the recurring sounds of sirens,like a whaling air raid siren going on and off.really unpleasant to my ears and didnt manage to get a good sleep..thank god i didnt fall ill or anything and fyi i was sleeping with my legs facing the mirror,the whole night i keep peeking at the mirror or the toilet to see if theres any spooky stuff..apart from some sounds,ntg much did happen..my friends on the other hand all slept soundly.

  78. HellQueen Says:

    Just to add to the St Michael Inst in Ipoh – Well, about the secret tunnels, it is connected to other places in the city. One for sure is that it connects to the Main Convent school (my former school) and frankly, I’ve seen the tunnel before too with my mates from class. We all know for a fact the history of our school. Some classrooms were previously the patient wards during the war, the operation room, the morgue, the whole thing. My sis herself experienced a few “things” during her primary years in the same school. We used to have nuns staying in the school and at one point we had a sister as our high school principal. The sick bay/room was one of the spookiest places to be in even during the day. We have some unused school blocks and reportedly some students experienced histeria around this area and some have sworn that they saw “something” was eating the ladies sanitary pads/sucking the blood. It’s just very disturbing thought eventhough I personally have not experienced it myself. There was also a story about dangling feet, bunch of students was playing the ouja board near the prefects’ room (reportedly a haunted spot) and while playing, one of the students looked up and saw a few dangling feet and it scared everybody and they just ran off like headless chickens!Another story was about the “white ghost” (not exactly sure what it was, eg:female ghost or what ever), we have this Qiamulai night and we spent one night at our school main assembly hall. The next morning, we bumped into our school caretaker and we were fooling around and told her we saw somethign that night and she was like “was it white?at the ceiling fan?” And we were all like, stunned and just nodded. It kept us wondering the whole day though…

  79. only50lieveinghost Says:

    Little Miss NiGHtMaRe , can i use the dog’s dirt on the camera instead of the eyebrows to see the ghost when i capture videos/photos using my camera? lol.

  80. GhostWillNeverLeaveYouAlone Says:

    I got a lots of spooky experience when i see ghost –

    In my house(in jalan titiwangsa 8 which my house is number 8), its like 1am, i wanted to pee,so i get up from my bed. after i get up, i saw a ghost girl(looks like 7 years old) which a red dress on,holding a teddy bear and no legs. She went into the toilet and i went back to sleep wihout even going into the toilet.

    Another one- In Jalan Undan 10,Tmn Perling,My house,in 12:30am, you could hear a lots of car crash. The car crash just non-stop, you can hear a car brake then crash.When i heard them, i got scared. I’m soo scared. so many car crash! Dx

    About 9.30am,while i was brushing my teeth,i saw a girl with long black hair and a white face,no eyes hands and legs(but she have arms), just went flying to my back.

  81. fai Says:

    can anyone tell me how to enter the Highland Tower’s building? i mean, i went there, but me and my friends end up at the houses area at taman hillview, and we didn’t get to find the road to the building. we saw it, but we had no clue which way to go. we’re stuck at Lorong 2C, Jalan Hill View. plz do reply me ASAP.

  82. Hooi D Caster Says:

    Hi Guys, anyone from Kulim? Mind share the same spooky things here? I am Kulim-kia.. But never heard ghostly figure or encounter before.

  83. touch_iPod Says:

    I think the stories about the Cheras Polyclinic can be cast aside for now, as the entire site has been redeveloped into a new Hospital complex. However, I hope the bomohs or magic-men that the government called (if such an exercise was done) did a good job, otherwise we’ll be hearing about strange things appearing in this new building in due course – touch wood!

  84. Sir Don Call Me Don Says:

    yes thats very spooky…

  85. Sir Don Call Me Don Says:

    can anyone pls tell me any haunted place near bukit jalil??? thanks

  86. alex foo Says:

    my school has ghosts……………..the doll moved

  87. alex foo Says:

    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I DONT WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Andy Target Says:

    I not scare of any ghost and spirits, leave them be

    they just want to scare u or they just want to give u a sight or anything

    Ghost and spirits are just illusion and minds

    You keep on thinking them and then they will be for you

  89. kai jun Says:

    i never had any experiance b4 but i have a friend name Sabriena said she is a phychic and she can see the ghosts i dont it is true or not………………….

  90. Rufina Says:

    I saw a malay/chinese man wearing straw hat crossing a bridge in Kg Baru/Kf Sireh in Semenyih,. It was around 6am, going to scholl. I was curious. When I turned bck to get a better look where he is going, he vanished. I got goose bumps after that and my legs was wobling. I told my neighbour who came by later but he ignored me. his mother told my mothera few days later that it could be someone’s jin frm the Malay Kg.
    That was not the only experience. Further down the road towads the Chinese

  91. Kedobos Says:

    I am staying in Taman Tenaga since 1980 till 2005..
    The house is belong to this one Tan Sri.. and he is pass away and none of his childrens want to take the house..
    I been inside the house several times.. no Ghost at all.. but i heard one story back in the early 90s, there’s one taxi drive take one passenger (girl) from Pearl Point area to that house.. the next day, the money that he received turn to leaves..

    I have been disturb several times but not inside the house but mostly at Taman Tenaga entrance.. damn.. You guys try to drive inside Taman Tenaga around 1am – 4am alone… kekekeke

  92. kumbadon Says:

    cyberjaya another haunted place..there is 1 taxi driver was driving n lady stopped him sumwhere to lim kok wing..(happen around 11pm sumthing) when she got into the car…everything was fine..after bout 5 min..the lady was in the car..she was totally missing..damm!!..

  93. Ghost Says:

    I’m real friendly if you get to know me.

  94. Teacher Norlida Says:

    Does anyone know any haunted houses in Shah Alam?

  95. AmirUl Says:

    Victoria Institution ???? My school is haunted?

  96. momokiller Says:

    So u guys really want to see ghost?

    I’ll tell a ghost story 1st, experience by my friend.
    Venue: the building with lrt station next telekom tower.
    Date:8-9 years ago

    Exp – by my friend
    1. At night, push lift button G. Lift wont stop n went straight to basement. Basement light have been turmed off n no one is there
    2. Came to work at 5am, park at basement n will hear footstep following him to the lift. It will stop with a delay when he stop to look back.
    3. Photostat machine copy by itself
    4. A collegue died n saw him at the office around 6am sitting in a chair n staring at him

    Exp – his collegue (5-6 of em at the same time)
    1. 1 guy went to the toilet n saw a female with long hair wearing white sitting on the toilet door facing in the toilet. Lucky him hehe. Around 9pm, so he ran out n tell his buddies n the rest of em went to the toilet together n surprised. It’s still there,everyone went home n forget to claim ot for that night.

    Venue: bsn building near twin tower.
    1. Level 13 is left empty n no one knows y. But lift will occasionally stop there for no reason.
    2. Last I heard, like 1-2 years ago. Ppl start seeing pocong in the lift when it opens. Forgot to ask my friend the status update lol. I’ll check if manage to hang out with him next time.

    Now for the tips hehehe
    1. Dont be quiet n look for ghost, instead start talking with ur friend n try to recite the ghost story u heard. If the story is true both of u will start feeling presence or goosebumps. Confirm with ur buddy that all of em is feeling the same thing. Then u can do step 2.
    2. If u bring food for them, u need to offer it to them. Announce it, meaning u need to say it. U can also ask em to do something n then said if u do it then this food is yours.

    3. Wut I did last time. Put a match box in a standing position n challenge em to knock it down if they r great. It did but i’ll not spoil it n let u try it urself. It fell down n I verified with my friend that there is no wind when it happend.

    Caution. Dont piss em off cause if ur unlucky they will follows u back. N dont bring talisman cause there’s no point if ur looking for ghost. (talisman usually host bigger guardian ghost anyway)

    But just talking about them will summon them anyway n u can do it with your friends at the comfort of ur home. I would recommend outside really or at ur gatden or patio. At least u can run n hide inside.

    Detection: just use ur skin, they emit wave n u can even pin point the direction. Use ur buddy for confirmation. Happy hunting XD

  97. Blaze Says:

    There’s an incident occured…it was way back sometime in 2009. It was my brother’s wedding that night. So a bunch of his friends are there (staying with us in one of the reserved homestay in Kedah – Alor Setar). After the ceremony, me and his buddies went to the house next door (it was an abandoned house). On that very moment, I’m boastin out (saying that I wanna go into that house and stuffs) I persuade them to go inside as well but all of them rejected my idea to do so. End up we just looking from the outside while chit-chatting about ghost stories. Deep down inside, my desire to set foot in that house still burning. Later that night, I was sleeping alone in the living room. To my surprise the next morning, I’m half naked (waist down). I still remember I was wearing a walkshort with belt. So it is impossible I took off my shorts when I’m asleep. Still curios about that though till today. heee…don’t know what is the reason behind that.

  98. Blaze Says:

    Back then I’m kinda curious about ghosts and stuff…places I went.

    1) INPENS International College, Port Klang, Selangor – Male’s Apartment, Block D (my first experience).
    2) Abandoned House, Jalan Gurney, Kuala Lumpur – Where there’s an episode of Seekers recorded there (quite an experience)

    As far as my experienced brought me…but those days are over now….

  99. Hanabishi Kai Says:

    High School Klang, Klang
    This school formerly is a Hospital. In 1941, the Klang High School was used as the headquarters of the Medical Auxiliary Service for Klang. There were two doctors assisted by 52 nurses.
    In the male toilet, there happen the confusion between the scout member playing treasure hunt, went to count the number of the room toilet, some counted 14, some counted 13!!! Do you Know what mean of 13?? i also not really sure… But from what rumor said, last time got one uncle died inside the toilet.It happen because that time is the end of year holiday.
    There is a student missing after he when to a store room beside one of the stairs of old building (he is hiding from his friend for prank). The body was found in the store room few months later but creepy thing is that door is easily open and doesn’t have any lock from outside.
    There got 1 old piano that cant be used anymore now still in the high school museum. when the clock stroke 12, the piano will play by itself. Legend says the owner of that piano is one of the doctor and he always play the piano for his lover that work as nurse at same place.
    Behind the school there is a pool over there… and near the pool, got a small building like guard house size and that place is the exit for underground passage to other place, some says it goes to pin hwa school or MGS. authorities tries many times and method to cover the place… Its seems to failed because the exit place always collapse after few days cover it. Now they build some pagar to make sure no students go into that place…
    On the tapak perhimpunan, here got 4 key holes that not for decor, we korek the hole and checked its a old key hole that can be used. but what is the key hole used for? no one knows.
    Now days High School Klang changed name to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tinggi Klang (before that, they change to Sekolah Tinggi Klang. We prank the school name call Sekolah Tepi Kubur [STK] so the head mistress change again to SMKTK) but we still prank it as Sekolah Masih Kekal Tepi Kubur. but that name is not simply prank because that school is really beside graveyard.
    There is many legend that told and untold within HSK, anyone interest please mail me at lucifier@ymail.com
    I can try my best to tell the school story. I know this school very well because i study at this school for 5 years.

  100. aspa Says:

    my mother was an ex-teacher at s.k kuala ampang. there was once an incident where she saw a black apparition in the women’s toilet. when she got out of the qubicle, she saw dirty black footsteps on the wet floor.

  101. hanz Says:

    i got some stories..as for today, i will share one of it..during my tertiary level at one of cenfos around pj. during that time, most students keep buzzing about the ghost of makcik karipap which selling karipap during night. usually after 12 she will be around..the thing is, she will knock your room at the window,not the door..the hostel has 9 levels..just imagine how that makcik could knock your window if you are staying at level 2 and above? so that, students have been very beware..one night, one student in her room with the other 2 roomates. suddenly, someone knocking the door, at 2.45am..all of them shut heir month and look at each other. then one of them go to the door, and asked “who is that?” and the guest answer “orang sebelah ni(people next door)” as she assumed that was her friend, she immediately open the door..and in big shocked, and fainted..the org sebelah is really in half condition, which only half of body from up top to bottom..only right part left, the left is none..after that, other roomates keep screaming and we have several possession case that night…

  102. TheStoryReader Says:

    gosh i hate when a grp of friends gets hysteria.. :/
    you wont even know what to do.. happened in my college
    GIRLS : if ur having your period, just shut up and sit at home quietly dont sibuk2 go out at night…. !

  103. nisha Says:

    SMK IBRAHIM one of the famous schools in kedah too has a spooky story of its own..we have our very own school museum which served as an old palace for the sultan of kedah.its haunted..now it houses tonnes of old pictures and documents about the school and has two locked doors at the corner with a small stained window..a few unusual stuffs in a bottle can be seen and many of them says its a baby foetus..we also ha a bilik cetak whereby teachers go over to photostat their documents..it is believed that a family of 3 were living there until ww2..when the japanese bombed their house..their house was exactly on the plot the bilik cetak is now…we too have science labs which are haunted especially the form 3 science labs..its a whole row of buildings with 3-4 doors but only 1 is being used currently..its a lil spooky over there..ppl to say there are a couple of foetus which are mummified and stored there..heading to the moral block..its one of the oldest buildings in the school too and it was used as the japanese torture room.in the evenings when ur alone walking along the moral block u feel cold and it sends chills down ur spine..sumtimes u see headless japanese armies marching..u can see their green with yellowish brown uniform.drg one of the prefects camp i attended some others saw headless figures hanging over the fan..and there is this pokok asam nearby the moral block which is haunted..at night if ure standing directly underneath it u can see so many headless figures hanging off the tree..same goes to the bengkel kemahiran hidup…voices are heard drg the night..drg the prefects camp there were weird happenings whereby fan and light would turn on and off by itself at the form 6 block..one of the hostelers too told me a story that once while she was about to enter the surau at her hostel which is situated directly opposite the form 4n 5 block she saw something white with a plale face and long hair staring back at her..it seems that that ceature staring at her was a former warden at the hostel..she was raped and brutally murdered by the japanese..many of such things roam at the form 4 n 5 block..they have been seen floating and flying by the corridors..not to mention the basketball court at the end of the field..the boys living at the hostel hear sounds of army marching most of the nights..wrapping it up my school was actually used as an army base camp during the japanese occupation and i know things do roam there..beware all smki students..be alert..:)

  104. Mugenz Says:

    Same as them i had a strange experience about ……! When i was in from1 at SMK Bercham on 2009 . On that day we had Merentas Desa . I been there about 6.45am lyke tatz . Actually the event started on 7.30am but unfortunately i had no transport to attend the event so my frenz mother was fetch me and my cousin . When we reach at my school it was very dark,rainy and my school is very quiet as we can heard a needle drop sound . We had plan to came very early to lepak and playing games . After we reach my other 6 frenz had came to school . One of my had an idea to play hide-seek so we all agree with her idea . Then we start to play the game ……… but my fate i had to search my frenz . At the same time i start to count 20 my frenz started to run away from me . I was alone at there and my heart was feel that something is not right but i didn’t take it seriously so i began to start find my frenz . About 5 min i can ‘t find my frenz suddenly i had heard sound after that i went to the padang alonely while i went to padang i feel very scary my eye ful with tears but i didn’t cry unfortunately my cousin sat on the car park ground and look at the padang so i run towards to him . Then i talking to him ……… then my frenz came back to me and we all attend the event . When school start on monday i was well before 5.20pm after 5.25pm while i was talking , joking ,shouting and playing suddenly i was fainted at my class . My frenz carry me to bilik guru then my mother sister came to school and me she took me to cousin house about 3 hours i didn’t wake up then my parent came to my cousin house and bring to the hospital to full check up but the doctor say nothing …….. next day i didn’t went to skul . Wenesday i went to skul again i fainted at skul my parent came to skul and pick to house . Thursday i didn’t when to skul . Friday it is the last day i went to skul about 5.30pm i was sitting on my chair i feel lyke something is under my table and i scared and wake up from my place and walk towards my teachers table . Then i saw something like waves came near to me after that i fainted again . Then my parent deside to bring to bomoh . Tomorrow we went to see bomoh he told my parent that on the merentas desa i was play with the…………! Then it began to like me so the bomoh give me a bottle of water and tell spell at me . Whlie we went back home my parent and i had an accident thank god it was not terible but my father foot was burn by the adjust pipe thatz all . Please be careful when u are lone. Nw i am better but before the………. attack me i was very afraid now i am very brave…………!

  105. Abby Says:


    Chinese usually will avoid buying house near the TNB/power supply house especially corner lot with dead road. It is said this area will have a lot of ghost loitering around at night. During daytime they will hide in the power supply house.

  106. todd Says:

    Cheras Hospital has recently been opened as a rehab centre.. After being abandoned for years.. Me and my buddies used to go there.. Even though I don’t see anything, but I did have that goosebumps feeling..

  107. anonymous Says:

    I was 12 when i encounter with a mysterious thing for the 1st time in life i was new to smk taman hi- tech. 1st itself when i entered the school building i could sense some coldness but it was so hot out there. few days later, i joined night class conducted by school for UPSR students. the next day as usual i was waiting outside the classroom for the teacher with my friends. suddenly i n my another fren saw an orange flame moving on opposite block.1st we thought it was the guard but the guard was actually walking near us. we still thought it was the guard but when we looked at that block the flame was still moving til it reach a staircase connecting that block n our block. when the light disappear we could saw a black figure sat the staircase. a week later my another said that she saw white cloth- like figure swinging on top of roof. since then i wouldnt go the school at night time. my house is opposite of the school sometimes i would dare myself n look at the school with a binoculars but something would stop me 4m doing so. years passed n last year i was walking with my mom to stall nearby to buy some foods as i turned at the school i saw that orange flame again. immediately i asked my mom to look at that, she was shocked to see a light without any one holding it and there was no electricity at the time to light it up. we quickly bought the food and returned home to avoid any trouble. not only me many others including teacher, students n the guard had saw the mysterious light but till now no one could explain what it was.

  108. Mohini Says:

    Spooky hello to all,

    Well, if u r looking for haunted place….Moonlight Bungalow, Cameron Highland, Pahang. Heard d owner was a white man and his body was cremated at d wall of d bungalow!!! No one is allowed there.

    Another place is at SMK Clifford, Kuala Lipis Pahang, rumours float that there r 3 tunnels fr d skul towards d Old Residence House, Resident Office and Gold Mine. Ter was a ‘batu pancung kepala’ n now demolished n ‘bilik gantung’ as well (Japanese Occ).

    Melaka Hospital is quite eerie as well, had been there to visit my fren in 2007.

    UPM……some of d residence college management will never vacate selected block(s) or room(s) even during semester break. It will b rented out so that ‘dat thing’ won’t b able to get in. There are many ‘impostors’ roping in any students to follow ‘it’. I stil remember my fren was badly terrified as she followed ‘me’ towards an abandoned floor(3rd floor) one night n while she was following ‘me’ at the staircase, fortunately a fren ran towards her and asked why is she going upstairs alone. My fren pointed at me n ‘I’ vanished in flick of time….(since dat day onwards she will check my legs b4 talk to me… kikiki)…..

  109. BSB Says:

    Me and my daughter recently encountered and experienced an incident in one of the hotel in Penang . Upon check in , my 2 years old daughter was fine and active although it was a bit late around 11.30 pm . After she took bath and prepare for bed suddenly she got so scared and started to cry and at the same time both her eyes were staring at the left corner side of the shilling. So I placed her sleeping next to me . Middle of the night around 3:30am , suddenly I felt someone touching my toe and when I opened my eyes , there was nobody . After came back to Ipoh , my daughter started high fever and no medicine can cure her . I have no choice and took her to a temple near tambun . The Chinese shifu prayed on my daughter and told us actually there were two male hanged themselves in the hotel room we stayed in and the face of one of the old ghost was very scary and he was trying to freak my daughter out . Thank god my daughter are all well now after the praying ceremony .

  110. CreepedOut Says:

    BSB – which hotel is this? Heard that children can see these ‘beings’. So it’s worrying to know.

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